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Why Fluarix Tetra?

Fluarix Tetra patient

The UK’s first injectable quadrivalent influenza vaccine (QIV) - offering broad protection against two A strains as well as two B strains.

Fluarix Tetra (influenza vaccine (split virion, inactivated)) is a Quadrivalent Influenza Vaccine (QIV)[1]

  • The UK’s first injectable QIV - offering protection against strains from both B lineages [1]
  • Enables you to protect against one strain from each B lineage as well as the two predicted A subtypes [1]
  • Gives a broader level of protection against influenza than TIVs [1]

The burden of influenza

As a healthcare professional, you know the impact seasonal influenza can have on your patients and practice. Seasonal influenza affects all age groups and causes considerable morbidity and mortality.[1]

GP consultations

GP consultations

779,000 - 1,164,000

Hospital admissions

Hospital admissions

19,000 - 31,200



18,500 - 24,800

Estimated impact of flu per year in England and Wales [2]

Strain unpredictability

Influenza A and B are responsible for almost all cases of flu. [2][4]

A closer look at influenza B 


Approx 30% of seasonal influenza is caused by influenza B [5]

Flu virus lineage

Two lineages: B/Victoria and B/Yamagata[4]

  • Trivalent Influenza Vaccines (TIVs) contain two A strains and one strain from only one B lineage each year – based on a WHO prediction [7]
  • In 9 out of 10 years (2005/6 – 2015/16), both B lineages were in circulation [8] (see graph below)
  • In 5 out of 10 years in the UK, TIVs did NOT contain the predominately circulating B lineage [8]
Influenza lineage graph

Well-tolerated flu protection

In clinical trials, Fluarix™ Tetra demonstrated a similar safety and reactogenicity profile compared to a TIV.[1]

Adverse events: [1]

  • Very common: fatigue, injection site pain and irritability
  • Common: headache, gastrointestinal symptoms, local injection site reactions and arthralgia

Patients should not be vaccinated if they have hypersensitivity to the active substances, or to any of the excipients or components.[1]

Fluarix Tetra can be used in all stages of pregnancy and during breast-feeding.[1]

Do you have a query?

If you have a question about Fluarix Tetra, take a look at our FAQs pageor alternatively you can chat to us live online or email us at

If you’d prefer to call us, our sales team are on hand to assist you with any Fluarix Tetra-related queries. Please call 0800 783 0470 – lines are open daily from 8.00am to 6.00pm.


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Adverse events should be reported. Reporting forms and information can be found at
Adverse events should also be reported to GlaxoSmithKline UK on 0800 221 441.

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